The Office Support Advantage

Managed IT Services Made Easy!

Office Support is business IT Managed Services made simple. We bundled together our industry leading software, security, and IT support products into three different packages designed to deliver the technology you need without the hassle. Decian's Office Support gives you the managed services you need allowing you the freedom to run your business. All Office Support packages have a common goal: reduce cost, increase productivity and mitigate risk. Office Support takes advantage of our fully automated systems and processes that protect and maintain your business environment proactively. The end result: Improved overall system reliability and increased business performance.

Decian, a New Breed of IT Company

While many IT companies will monitor your network and work to resolve issues as they occur, Decian’s Office Support program takes support to another level. We have invested heavily in developing our NOC software utilizing automation to provide our customers’ network with complete “Self-Healing” capability. Potential problems are detected and remediated proactively, 24/7, to keep our customers operating at peak performance. Office Support keeps your network running clean and smooth at all times. It increases the life expectancy of your IT investment and delivers technology that drives your business ahead of the competition!

IT Service Problems Solved With Office Support

Prevents Issues and Reduces Downtime Impact

Eliminates the “Break/Fix” Reactive Model that Causes Inefficiency, Lost Employee Productivity, and End User Frustration

Provides 24/7 Network Support to Help Shift IT Resources From Those Daily “Fighting Fire” Issues to More Strategic, Revenue Generating Projects

Improves Security, Minimizes the Risk of Intrusion, Data Theft and Threats that Harm Your Business

Reduces Total Cost of Ownership for Your Network Support and Improves the ROI on Your Hardware Investment